If you’re looking for a well-trained and qualified therapist for your child on the west-side of Los Angeles, then you can find one at The Center Method.

We focus on providing treatment for patients suffering from trauma, depression, dissociative disorders, anxiety, and more. You can book a consultation appointment online.

Signs That Show Your Child Needs a Therapist

Your children will show certain changes in behavior as they grow. However, you’ll know your child needs a therapist if you notice the following:

Defiant Behavior

Children can sometimes express their emotions by showing negative behaviors like fighting with friends or getting in trouble at school.

It would be best if you consider taking the child to see a therapist for counseling when you notice these behaviors:

Excessive Sadness

Children are often seen to be happy and carefree. While being sad is a normal emotion, seeing your kids always sad may mean they need help.

Check in with your child to see if they are being bullied at school. A child therapist will help figure out why they’re always worried and sad.

Social Isolation

You’ll know that something is not right with your kids when they start isolating themselves from others.

Notice when they avoid social activities, eat alone, or lack the motivation to talk to friends. These can be signs that they need to see a therapist.


This can come in various forms, including hitting oneself, digging into one’s skin, pulling out hair, and more…

To avoid this leading to suicidal thoughts or ideation, it’s best to seek urgent from a professional.

Increased Complaints

Sometimes children express the experience of stress, anxiety, and emotional issues through complaints.

It is important to listen when they complain,decide if it may be time to take them to a professional for counseling.

Finding the Best Child Therapist Near Me

Providing the best life for your child is vital as a parent. However, your child may sometimes experience emotional or mental difficulties that you cannot handle alone.

These often affect the child’s performance or behavior at school when not dealt with immediately. Hence, you need the services of a trained professional.

At The Center Method, we help children to restore their confidence and re-frame their thoughts. The center is led by Nicole Moore, a licensed marriage and family therapist.

She specializes in thetreatment of trauma and depression in both adults and children. You can book a session with her as she’s passionate about helping you to live a happy life.

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