Harness Your Energy: Part 1

We all know what it’s like to feel energetically drained.

Some common culprits that lead to or exacerbate this feeling are stress, poor sleep, multitasking, overwork, negative people, financial struggle, not enough movement, and poor food choices.

To re-harness energy, we first need to do an assessment to determine what’s draining us.

Here are five areas you can look at, ask questions around, and rate on a “It’s A Vampire” level of 1-5:

  • Relationships (friends, family, romantic partners, conflict, unreturned emails or calls)
  • Environment (car, wardrobe, geographic location, cluttered closets)
  • Body, Mind, and Spirit (food, health, sleep, exercise, emotional and spiritual needs)
  • Work (bad boss, overwhelm, dislike job, lack proper tools, info overload)
  • Money (taxes, bills, debt, insurance, future financial planning)

Often, we have a mix of areas that are making us feel stretched thin, but if we can eliminate or take care of the things that drain us the most, we’ll feel an energetic boost and have more focus freed up for our bigger purposes and desires.

There are also the opposites of drains: the things that help us recharge and fill our energetic cups.

Be sure to note what these are for you so you can work them into your schedule regularly and before your battery is completely empty. These might be time alone, reading, nature walks, fun hobbies, time with friends, therapy, lazy days, and good sleep.

Stay tuned for the next email for more on harnessing energy through mindfulness, single-tasking, and prioritization.