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Types of Therapy Offered

Group Therapy

Therapy + the benefits

Therapy is a tool that almost everybody would benefit from at some points in their lives.

Unlike talking to a friend or family member, therapy is a way to gain unbiased insight on what you’re feeling and experiencing. Also, the effects are long-lasting because as you work through “stuff” you’re also developing the skills to work through future conflicts, you’re getting to the root of the problem and not just tackling symptoms, and you’re rewiring your brain.

If you’ve struggled with anxiety, depression, self-doubt, grief, communication challenges, or maintaining relationships, individual therapy may be a tool to consider.

Benefits include:

> Increased self-awareness
> enhanced communication
> boundary-setting skills
> better understanding of others
> coping tools
> increased impulse control
> recognition of patterns and blind spots
> space to be vulnerable and honest
> ability to voice concerns without judgement or repercussions

At this time, we are in-network with MHN insurance. For all other insurance providers, we provide a superbill for you to submit. We look forward to speaking with you!


We are passionate about helping you overcome obstacles that may prevent you from living life to the fullest and we strive to make a genuine connection in order to meet your specific needs.

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