Self-Care & Resiliance

International Self-Care Day was July 24th.
The 2023 theme is

Resilience, adaptability, and thriving in adversity

All of us have lived with the pandemic and most of us have survived a good dose of adversity the last few years. How do we not only survive adversity, but thrive and become resilient instead of worn down?

Thriving may mean embracing the unknown, adapting to detours, taking one step at a time, and the ability to grow and change in meaningful ways after difficult experiences.

There are The Four S’ of a Resilience Plan (Positive Psychology), which are Support, Strategies, Solution-Seeking, and Sagacity –

Support: Support you can depend on. Example: Call a friend
Strategies: Strategies that keep you going. Example: Listen to your favorite song
Solution Seeking: Behaviors like clearing out clutter and making checklists
Sagacity: Wisdom you hold onto, like believing all hard times pass

And, of course, self-care and community care will help us through the tough times. When we prioritize our own wellbeing, take care of ourselves, and take care of the people around us, we thrive. We can’t push through forever, and we can’t do it alone.