Do you wait until the last minute?

Procrastination fuels anxiety and anxiety fuels procrastination – it can be a vicious cycle.

We’re approaching back-to-school time and many teens are feeling anxious about the amount of work coming their way soon.

Procrastination can be a self-defeating pattern and is often inflamed by distractions, low self-esteem, perfectionism, fear, social anxiety, or boredom. Despite the short-term payoff, delayed tasks often loom over us and lead to more anxiety and pressure.

Tackling tasks head-on instead of waiting until the last minute can help manage anxiety.

Here are some tips to help with procrastination:

  • Just start! – Diving in immediately makes the anxiety start to subside
  • Create a step-by-step plan – Break it into manageable chunks to avoid overwhelm
  • Organize and manage time – Allotting time and scheduling helps you dodge an unplanned last-minute frenzy
  • Increase motivation and purpose – Remember why it’s important and what positive outcomes there will be from completing the task
  • Understand that it’s not laziness; be kind to yourself – You’re not lazy, you’re overwhelmed, and beating yourself up won’t help your mindset or productivity
    Pick a good location – Good lighting, good chairs, a favorite cafe…make your environment conducive to working
  • Work with a group – Join a study group, work with others, and use each other for support, motivation, and accountability
  • Reward yourself – After you complete a task, pick a reward to look forward to: have a snack, take a bath, watch your favorite show

Now go forth . . . You got this!