Over the last couple of years we have had to adjust to a life more extreme than anyone thought it would be.

We have regained some normalcy and are still reintegrating into society. This may sound exciting, or scary — or both!

We have been living out of our comfort zone, out of our normal. I’ve emailed you before about the importance of creating routines, scheduling walking appointments with friends, developing good sleep patterns, being kind to yourself, and taking breaks when you’re overwhelmed. These will continue to be important.

And how do we address the stress and anxiety associated with reintegration? You may feel resistance or dread and that is normal…

Some reminders to help you reintegrate:

Pace yourself: it may be tempting to jump back in fully but leave space in your schedule and start slow

Set boundaries: be clear on what you’re comfortable with and what you’re not when it comes to seeing friends and family — maybe coffee is okay for you but a hug is not yet

Stay centered: keep routines for your health and wellbeing, and practice breathing exercises — creating calm and self-regulating will help you make decisions that are best for you and will help you as you enter into busier environments and social settings