The pandemic is a real “relationship accelerator.”
It’s helping relationships or taking a toll on relationships as we’ve all been forced into this new and unusual situation. 

The unemployment rate is up; there may be disparity in parental labor; there’s trauma and fear around the virus to deal with; and there’s the dissolution of all the fun things we used to do and the onset of cabin fever. 

Relationship expert Chris Kraft notes, “Even committed couples can start to become lethargic and lose sense of time, asking themselves, ‘What day is it?’ A sense of monotony can cause a numbness to feelings, which is part of coping with so much uncertainty in the world right now.” 

According to an August poll by Ipsos, nearly one in 10 of married or partnered people in the United States say they are very likely to separate from their partner or spouse — and at least in part because of issues related to the pandemic!

It’s certainly not uncommon to be in the relationship pressure-cooker right now, but it’s also good to know the problematic signs and to seek help when you need it. 

Some signs you may want to seek couples therapy: 

Your partner doesn’t listen; you’re always stuck on the same issue(s); your growth is stunted; you’re fighting too much; you’re not fighting and totally indifferent; you’re annoyed at your partner constantly; you’re not having sex; you feel like you’re growing apart.

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