Is it my intuition speaking?

Often, people will ask me my opinion about a decision.

My opinion is that everyone has to follow their own intuition and decide for themselves what feels good in their body and what’s the best choice. This can feel like a warm feeling in the chest, a lightness, good energy, or a calm certainty.

However, going only with what “feels good” isn’t always the healthy choice. Often, an intuitive decision will have us exiting our comfort zone and stepping into unknown territory. Not so comfy! Sometimes a reactive impulse is our deep fear and conditioning. Sometimes what sounds like it will feel good may be instant gratification or old patterns.

This is why it’s important to do the work to understand our own strengths, defenses, and deficits. If we understand how and why we make decisions, we’ll be better able to navigate making the best decisions for ourselves.

Intuition is like a muscle.

The more you do the work, listen to yourself, and make good decisions, the easier it will be to trust yourself. Fear is cloudy. Intuition is clearer and more specific. And once you honor intuition, it just gets louder.