Aligning Our Resolutions With Our Values

I hope 2024 is treating you well and you’re off to a fresh start! 

Resolutions are top of mind. How do we choose, achieve, and maintain our beautiful resolutions?

Step one is setting goals that are in alignment with your core values. This is a concept from Acceptance and Commitment Therapy. Once you’re in touch with your values (not what family or society deems important), you can create specific goals and have a compass for your actions. Are you cutting sugar because your sister tells you to lose weight, or because YOU are valuing your health and wellbeing this year?

Once you have these goals that are aligned with your values, break it down into manageable chunks. The truth is that most change takes time, and you need to be proud of small steps along the journey. Take the big picture and then look at 6 months, then 3 months, then 1 month, then each week, then daily…Then, you can plan your daily or weekly actions to progress towards these larger goals. Set yourself up for success!

You can use the ACT SMART formula to help you achieve your resolutions:

Specific – Avoid vague statements, be specific: I’ll stretch ten minutes a day during the week, and take weekends off.
Motivated by Values – Make sure the goal is aligned with core values.
Adaptive – Write how you feel this goal will enhance your life. Reflect and pivot if need be.
Realistic – Make sure the goal is realistic for the time and means you have now.
Time – Set specific time frames that you’ll take specific actions by.