The Year of the Tiger ends on January 21st and the Year of the Rabbit begins!

According to The Japan Times, the upcoming year embodies yin, the passive principle of the universe, which manifests in relaxation, fluidity, quietness, and contemplation. They predict a calmer year with people seeking a more balanced life and travel.

According to scientist and psychic Sarah Yip in Body & Soul, “Rabbit years bring lucky breaks and partnerships, for those on their true paths. Although Rabbit is not the strongest animal, its charm and speed attract money, fertility, lovers and success.”

This year brings a Water Rabbit which hasn’t occurred in sixty years.

Yip adds, “The Water element will enhance our psychic ability, diplomacy and negotiation skills. Expect major shifts in politics, as a new wave of leaders step up. The answer to war isn’t peace. It’s creativity.”

We are loving these fluid yin vibes as we stand at the beginning of a fresh year.
May the luck of the Rabbit be with you!