Ungrounded? Recentering in Tough Times

Are you feeling uncentered, ungrounded, unfocused? Have you hit the pandemic wall?
I’ve talked to many people who are struggling right now…I know, these times are HARD.

One important thing you can do is pay attention to mental health cues.

Take time to check in with yourself. Have you abandoned routines; are you exhausted or is your sleep compromised; have you stopped connecting with friends; are your eating habits not serving you?

Sometimes we don’t even realize where we’re at until we slow down and investigate.

Even with a potential end in sight, we have the next several months to get through and I want to provide you with a few ways to get centered:

Be generous with yourself: don’t pressure yourself unnecessarily — take breaks when you need them and don’t feel guilty about it!

Establish a routine: when everything feels uncertain and floaty, what are your habits and non-negotiables? Maybe it’s working out or meditating at the same time every morning. Maybe it’s a scheduled zoom call with your best friends once a week. Maybe it’s walking in nature three times a week.

Find the fun: our activities are limited right now but fun and play are still important. What can you do that promotes positive feelings and makes you happy? Puzzles, baking, hiking, dancing, care packages, letters and postcards, art night, reading, a scenic drive…

You’ve got this; we’re getting there. Take good care of yourselves.