Rationale. Emotions.

Mind. Heart.

We often think of these as opposites or at odds, but ideally we’d be utilizing and integrating both to strike a healthy balance and help with decision making. 

It can be hard to accept that more than one thing can be true at once…

Balancing Emotions

But we can learn not to make big decisions in moments when we’re feeling cranky or depressed.
We can make pro-and-con lists about big decisions, do our homework, research facts and evidence, and stay cool during hard situations.


We can listen to our gut, take leaps like making a big move even if it’s scary, be creative, fall deeply in love, and process and feel our emotions.

We don’t want to ignore our heart and deep desires for the always-logical decision ~~ and we also don’t want our emotions and our often-irrational thoughts to rule us and lead to impulsive unhealthy behavior.

Wishing you a beautiful balance and an integration of all your amazing ingrained tools!